Cradles the Cranium

The GELShield™ is uniquely designed to cradle the cranium and protect the fragile, still-forming structure. The 3-D curvature of the GELShield™ and the Pressure-Response System™ work in harmony to form a lightweight, unobtrusive device—allowing clinicians to provide proper care of the infant with little added effort. This combination also works to increase surface contact area, which allows for:

  • Freedom of head movement
  • Full protection in any position

“This design stays on the baby, so no matter how the baby moves, where the baby moves, the GELShield™ is moving with the baby.”


Chrysty Sturdivant, OTR
Advanced Clinical Specialist
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Baylor University Medical Center

Utilizes the Pressure-Response System™

Watch the video to learn about our proprietary, multilayered Pressure-Response System™—a combination of breakthrough technologies and state-of-the-art materials. Each component plays a specific role in extracranial pressure alleviation and has been selected and tested with infant safety and comfort in mind.

“With the technology and the mechanics, it has a huge potential with babies in the NICU….”


Mustafa S. Suterwala, MD
Pediatric Hospitalist
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Baylor University Medical Center

Demonstrates Pressure Offloading and Increased Contact Area

In a pressure mapping study, pressure and contact area were evaluated on a hard surface and on an infant mattress for different positions. The results demonstrated1:

  • Increased contact area by nearly 300%
  • Decreased peak pressure by up to 85%