Convenient Use in a Complex Environment

The hospital can be a complex, busy environment. The GELShield™ offers clinicians simplicity and convenience:

  • Easy on, easy off
    Velcro® bands are easy to use during normal care of the infant
  • Easy to clean
    Use hospital-approved nonalcohol wipes
  • Each infant gets his or her own GELShield™
    Disposable—for single patient use only

The GELShield™ is available in 3 sizes, clearly color coded

“It’s easy to put on. It’s low profile. It doesn’t interfere with what we’re doing in the NICU.”


Chrysty Sturdivant, OTR
Advanced Clinical Specialist
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Baylor University Medical Center

Proven Safety

The GELShield™ is a halogen-free product that has been demonstrated to be safe for use.1

A Baylor University safety study showed that the GELShield™ is a safe alternative to gel pads or other cushioning devices currently in use.1

  • No study subject developed pressure- or friction-related sores on the head
  • No adverse events or serious adverse events occurred
  • None of the subjects had a skin assessment score greater than 2 during the study; only 2 subjects reported a score of 2